Golden Doves Recruitment Services is full service employment agency for healthcare personnel committed to excellence services. We are dedicated to providing responsive quality services to all our clients/service users.
we specialize in the domestic, health and social care industry providing staffing to various institutions including but not; limited to hospitals, day centres residential and nursing homes.

Our experienced healthcare suport staffs are qualified up to and including QCF Level 3 and are experienced in working with EMI client groups, learning disabilities, nursing and convalescence in residencial settings.They understand that each environment is unique and clients'/service users' needs will vary, depending on individual's needs.

Our mission

To deliver the highest of services , possibly, through commitment to excellence in work and personal ethics and to establish our position as a leading domestic, health and social care staff provider.

Our Commitment

To continually meeting our clients'/service users' expectations and social care industry by consistently meeting our client's expectations and strive to achieve exceptional service delivery.
To ensure our performance is continually reviewed and improved through clients' feedback, surveys and respond to our clients'/service users' needs and recruitments.

GOLDEN DOVES RECRUITMENT SERVICE has developed an extensive resource data base of qualified and experienced healthcare support staff.


GOLDEN DOVES RECRUITMENT SERVICES is committed to the code of Good Recruitment Practice.
candidates and applicants are assessed and placed on the basis of qualification, suitability and their capability.
Mandatory courses and applicants are updated according to the specified health and social care regulation and monitored through our candidate-training database.
Further trainings and qualifications are encouraged at every level in line with our client's staffing recruitments, with every employee working to an individual personal development plans, which is regularly monitored and assessed through our appraisal program.

Minimum Requirements

The minimun documentary evidence required from all staff applicants is:
  • A minimum of 1 year experience in the Healthcare industry
  • A currente updated Policie Record Checks - CRB
  • Two written professional references
  • Evidencce of basic qualifications or experience held
  • Valid work Permits
  • Proof of addres and ID

Charge Rates

Residential Rates (EMI Residential/Nursing Homes)

  • Grade of Worker and shift time
  • Rate/Hr
  • Care Assistant - Monday to Friday - Day
  • £9.40
  • Care Assistant - Monday to Friday - Night
  • £9.50
  • Care Assistant - Weekend - day
  • £9.50
  • Care Assistant - Bank Holiday
  • £18.95
  • Care Assistant - Sleepover Monday to Friday
  • £50.00
  • Care Assistant - Sleepover Weekend
  • £55.00
  • Care Assistant - Sleepover Bank Holiday
  • £89.00

Support Workers | Rates (Supported living MH & LD)

  • Grade of Worker and shift time
  • Rate/Hr
  • Support worker - Monday to Friday - Day
  • £10.75
  • Support worker - Monday to Friday - Night
  • £10.95
  • Support worker - Weekend - Day
  • £11.96
  • Support worker - Weekend - Night
  • £11.98
  • Support worker - Bank Holiday
  • £21.95
  • Support worker - Sleepover Monday to Friday
  • £44.00
  • Support worker - Sleepover Weekend
  • £64.95
  • Support worker - Sleepover Bank Holiday
  • £85.00

The rates are inclusive of employee NI and VAT on agent's commission where applicable.

  • A minimum 4 hours charge will be applied for each booking, which is for duration of less than 4 hours.
  • Hours worked are rounded off to the nearest 15min for our charging purposes.
  • No further charges are added.
  • Day rates apply from 8.00am to 8.00pm.
  • Night rates apply from 8.00pm to 8.00am
  • Weedend night rates apply from Friday 8.00am to Monday 8.00am
  • A canellation fee of 60% of the applicable rate on full booking will be charged on confirmed bookings cancelled within 24hrs.

Golden Doves Recruitment Services pay policy is based on the fact that in order to attract and retain a high calibre of experienced care staff, the rate of pay has to be competitive.

We are, however, flexible in our approach and willing to negotiate with a view to reaching a mutually rewarding agreement.

Golden Doves Recruitment Services are available on the phone 24/7 to render to our clients a service with a Golden touch.