Organizational structure

Golden Doves Recruitment has staff complement of 5 including two managers. They come from a wide range of varied backgrounds and bring to their work practice varying levels of skills and abilities.

The company operates flexible pattern with 1 member of staff being on 'on-call' duty. Staff will work no more than 37 hours per week.

Employment Law Practice

To make the process of legal services simplier.

to increase the level of responsibility of employers and educational institutions for the foreign nationals they are sponsoring


we provide experienced and strong internal verifiers to support the assessors who are key in motivating candidates. We are committed to support our candidates throughout their QCF training ensuring their success and enjoyment in achieving their goals.


We are dedicated to providing responsive quality service to all our clients. We specialize in the domestic, health and social care industry providing staffing to various service users' including but not; limited to hospitals, day centres residential and nursing homes.


Here you can see service's photos of the Golden Doves.

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